Street Photography Workshop in Yangon, Myanmar in February 2018



A report from a street photography workshop in Yangon, Myanmar in February 2018

Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Dates: 12 – 18 February 2018 (7 days)
Tutor: Maciej Dakowicz – In-Public member and official Fujifilm X-Photographer


Ready for the workshop! A night out before the official start.


Photos taken by the workshop participants

Andrea Torrei

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Regula Tschumi

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Regula about the workshop experience:
“Yangon was my second workshop with Maciej, and like the previous one in Georgia it was a great experience. Maciej is an extraordinary person, a man so full of talents and energy. His passion for photography and for everything that is connected with it is immense, and his kindness and patience as a teacher is incredible. He is really doing everything to help you to improve your photography and to get the most out of his workshops. I especially appreciated that Maciej spent so much time with each participant to edit individually the daily work. His critique was always deep, very constructive and well explained.
To make it short: Maciejs workshops are just perfect! They are very professional, but also very tough and pretty exhausting, but exhausting in a positive way. After only a few days you forget being tired and you will start to look very differently at yours and other people’s work. You will be aware of details you might never have noticed before. No surprise Maciej’s workshops are normally booked out a long time in advance. Their quality is so high that the participants keep going back, because they know: Maciej is the best! Thank you Maciej for your great effort in Yangon and the wonderful time we could spend with you. I already look forward to being with you in another workshop!”


Nicolas St-Pierre

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Nicolas about his workshop experience:
“The week I spent with Maciej was no doubt one of the most stimulating and rewarding experience of my photographic career. Maciej is truly passionate about his craft and as an instructor, gently pushes you to your personal limit. His workshops are not for slackers: there were days where I was literally out shooting from dawn to dusk, and awake until the wee hours of the morning editing photos. Team lunches and dinners provided with a fun respite – in addition to allowing you to recharge batteries and download photos!
I truly appreciated the fact that while Maciej was also shooting for himself during the workshop, he was never “territorial” about photo opportunities he had spotted. On several occasions, Maciej kindly drew my attention to them, providing on-the-fly advice on how best to capture them. Maciej’s generosity truly sets him apart from many other workshop instructors. It also helped that he knew the city extremely well!
Maciej‘s presentations on street photography were thoughtful and well organized and, as such, provided a solid foundation on which to build throughout the week. His commentsa and critique during individual editing sessions were highly relevant and constructive, and gave me a clear sense of the direction in which I needed to go.
This was my first workshop with Maciej and I certainly intend it not to be the last! I definitely recommend Maciej’s workshops to whomever aspires to bring his/her photography up to the next level!”


Bill Clayton

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Bill about the workshop BEFORE coming to Yangon:
“Before I met Maciej, I had never pointed a camera at a stranger with the intent of taking that person’s photo. Now that is what I enjoy the most, capturing moments in other people’s lives, often in far off places where the culture is different.
Maciej has transformed my thinking and my photography. My friends see and comment on the change. This is not only in my ‘street’ but in all of my work. I now think of myself as a photographer.
I am about to embark on my third workshop, this time to Yangon. I go there now knowing what to expect, walking the streets each day observing ‘life’ and trying to record it in ‘my own style’. Yes, I think I have a style which I want to further explore and develop not only through Maciej but through the bonds I will build with the other group members.
There will be times on the street where I will seek my own space, to get my unique shot. There will be others where I will stick close to the master because I want to further understand what he sees. ‘Bill, see the light there’, ‘Bill, see that background’, ‘Over there’, ‘Move around, work the scene’. I will be ready for the daily review of my photos, keen to see how I am going and learn more.
In addition to my learning, I also know that I will spend 7 days enjoying myself in a new and interesting place with people who are also passionate about photography. I also know I will make new friends.
Can’t wait.
This all started with a Google search when I was looking at how to take the next step with my photography. THANKS MACIEJ.” – written a few days before coming to the Yangon workshop.


Igor Szabados

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Behind the scenes photos from the workshop


Our group during the street photography preseantation at our hotel.


The whole group in People’s Park on Saturday afternoon.

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