Istanbul Travel and Street Photography Workshop in Summer 2015



Two week-long travel and street photography workshops in Istanbul, Turkey with In-Public photographer Maciej Dakowicz.


Workshop Report

First workshop: 3 – 9 August 2015.
Christian Clowes –
Serge Levin –
Philipp Mehnert –
Harsh Patel –
Second workshop: 10 – 16 August 2015.
Thomas Kirsch –
Sven Kräuter –
Rose Vandepitte –
Antti Vettenranta –


First Workshop


Chris, Philipp, Serge, Harsh and Maciej at the apartment in Aksaray during a street photography slideshow.


Second Workshop


Rose, Sven, Tom and Antti editing their photos at out hotel’s rooftop terrace in Sultanahmet on the first night of the workshop.

Pre-Workshop Information

After five successful street photography workshops in Istanbul in June 2012, May 2013 and August 2014 In-Public photographer Maciej Dakowicz returns to this fascinating city in the Summer of 2015 to share his photographic experience with a small group of students.


Istanbul, Turkey

Workshop Description

These will be very practical workshops and there will be a lot of shooting every day. A very small group of max 4 participants means a high level of interaction with Maciej. You will be working in pairs changing “partners” after the lunch break. While shooting with Maciej you will have a chance to observe him at work, learn his techniques and tricks, and receive an instant feedback on your photographic technique. A special attention will be put on developing and practising “social skills” – an interaction with local people. You will not only be a fly on the wall hunting for decisive moments like Henri Cartier-Bresson, but also get really close to people, engage, talk and photograph them. Maciej is a very experienced travel and street photographer and you will learn a great deal of new things. In the evenings you will edit and discuss your freshly taken photos in the group together with Maciej. There will be plenty of opportunities to talk photography too. Maciej will also present several slideshow presentations in which theoretical and practical aspects of street photography will be outlined and discussed. All previous workshop participants found them very useful.
These will be very memorable weeks that will change you not only as a photographer, but as a person too. You will return back home confident, inspired and motivated to keep developing as a photographer.


The participants of the workshops are responsible for all travel costs, including the visa, air tickets, food, accommodation and local transport. The accommodation will be the main expense during the workshop, as luckily Istanbul is still a rather affordable place to be.


The whole group will stay at the same accommodation – in a large shared apartment, preferably in Aksaray area. It is a centrally located non-touristy area with great transportation options – trams and several metro stations are within a short walk. The apartment can be rented online at The price per person will be maximum 300 euros for the whole week. The choice of the apartment will be discussed once the group is confirmed.

Wanna join?

Just drop me an email: Fantastic.

Previous Istanbul Workshops

Maciej has organised and lead five photography workshops in Istanbul. He knows the city very well, understands local customs and knows how to photograph there. Here are reports from the previous Istanbul workshops in June 2012, May 2013 and August 2014.

Below are some of Maciej’s photos from Istanbul shot during previous photo tours (each taken while shooting with a workshop participant).

photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_beyoglu_istiklal_caddesi_street_photography_mannequin thumbnail
street_photography_turkey_istanbul_kadikoy_bus_stop thumbnail
street_photography_turkey_istanbul_kumkapi_sea thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_bosphorus_ferry thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_bosphorus_ferry_seagulls thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_eminonu_sirkeci_layered_complex_composition thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_fatih_balat_social_club_cafe_coffee_shop_teashop_interior_portrait thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_fatih_unkapani_street_photography_children thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_mosque_islam_eminou_family_decisive_moment thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_night_out_istiklal_caddesi_beyoglu_nightlife_kiss_love thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_istanbul_turkish_bath_hammam_portrait thumbnail
street_photography_workshop_tuition_course_tour_adventure_expedition_turkey_stanbul_fatih_man_umbrella_cat_cigarette thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_beyoglu_taksim_park_street_photography thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_beyoglu_tarlabasi_carousel_street_refugees thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_beyoglu_tarlabasi_street_children_girls thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_sisli_bus_street_photography thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_street_photography_beyoglu_karakoy_galata_currency_exchange_cat thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_sultanahmet_barber thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_sultanahmet_blue_mosque_twilight_restaurant_gueshouse_rooftop thumbnail
turkey_istanbul_fatih_balat_street_barber_shop_street_photography thumbnail


Scenes from previous workshops


Aylin photographs a group of children in the colourful area of Tarlabasi. May 2013.


Chris photographs a group of men playing cards in a social club in Uskudar. Apart from shooting in the streets we ventured into bars, barber shops, markets, tea shops and other places. May 2013.


Discussing freshly taken photos in our apartment in Aksaray. Each evening we critique student photographs and there are also slideshows about street photography and practical aspects of it. May 2013.


The last night of the first August 2014 workshop at our apartment. Everybody is preparing photos from the whole week for the final selection of best photos. After a week of shooting and daily critique sessions each student had a solid selection of around 50 good photos. On that last night we went though all these and picked 10-12 strongest images. We finished at 2am!


One of the four street photography slideshows at our apartment in Aksaray during the second August 2014 workshop.


Leigh photographs a group of children in the old neighbourhood of Zeyrek on the last day of our second August 2014 workshop.


Please also take a look at the reports from different previous workshops to understand how unique they are. There are many behind the scene photos and pictures taken by the students: Great memories!


ABOUT Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej is an experienced Polish photographer, traveller and gallerist based in Mumbai, India. He holds a PhD in computer science, but abandoned science to focus on photography. He is one of the founders of Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff, a member of the Wideangle travel photo agency, the international street photography collective In-Public and the un-posed Polish street photography collective. He has worked on various photographic projects in the UK and abroad and his interests are in documentary, travel and street photography.
Maciej’s photos have been widely published and exhibited around the world, shown at photo festivals (including Visa Pour l’Image international festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, France) and he is a recipient of numerous awards. He was profiled in two major street photography books published by Thames & Hudson – “Street Photography Now” in 2010 and “The World Atlas of Street Photography” in 2014. Maciej’s first monograph Cardiff After Dark was published in October 2012.