Street photography workshop in Morocco in September 2013


Travel and street photography workshop in Morocco.

• 16 – 22 September 2013.


• Fez and Meknes.
The group will be based in Fez and Meknes for a couple of days, which is only 30mins away by train or taxi.
Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco and has the best-preserved old city in the Arab world. The sprawling walled medina is enormous, once you enter it you can walk for hours through its labyrinth-like narrow lanes, covered bazaars and busy streets. It is a very alive place and there are many day life activities waiting to be photographed. The light in summer is great and there will be many chances to play with it in the lanes. Apart from the medina will will spend time photographing in the new town which has a very different vibe to the historical medina.


• £500 per person. 3 participants only.


Apart from the £500 fee, participants are responsible for their flights, insurance, accommodation, food and other expenses. As a group we will stay in the same hotel and participants can choose between sharing twin rooms or staying in single rooms. Sharing a twin room should cost about 20 Euros per person per day. The flights to Fez are affordable at the moment and a return Ryanair flight from London Stansted can be had for around £150 (those flights operate on Thursdays and Sundays only).


It will be a very practical workshop and there will be a lot of shooting every day. You will be working in pairs changing “partners” after lunch break. You will be shooting with Maciej every day since there will be only four of you. For example you shoot with Maciej on Monday morning, then you shoot with the first person, the next morning with another person and with Maciej again in the afternoon. By shooting with Maciej you will have a chance to observe him at work, learn his techniques and tricks. Maciej is a very experienced travel and street photographer and you will learn a great deal of new things. In the evening you will edit and discuss your photos in the group together with Maciej. There will be plenty of opportunities to talk photography too. It will be a very memorable week.


Maciej’s photos shot during his brief visit to Fez in July 2009:

A view over the old medina of Fez, Morocco.
Travel and street photography workshop in Morocco.
A tannery in Fez, Morocco.
A group of people inside the medina wall in Fez, Morocco.
The wall of medina in Fez, Morocco.
Medina in Fez, Morocco.
A street photograph from the souk in the medina of Fez. Morocco.
Street photography in medina of Fez, Morocco.
A street photography from the souk in the medina of Fez. Morocco.
A street photograph from the medina of Fez, Morocco.
rIMG_3886_morocco_fez_medina_city_panorama_cityscape thumbnail
morocco_2013_travel_street_photography_workshop thumbnail
rIMG_3790_morocco_fez_tannery thumbnail
rIMG_4594_morocco_fez_medina_wall thumbnail
rIMG_3983_morocco_fez_medina_wall thumbnail
rIMG_3582_morocco_fez_medina thumbnail
rIMG_3817_morocco_fez_medina_souk_travel_street_photography thumbnail
rIMG_4471_morocco_fez_medina_street_photography thumbnail
rIMG_4301_morocco_fez_medina_souk_market_shop_street_photo thumbnail
rIMG_4237_morocco_fez_medina_dog thumbnail

Inspiration from Magnum photographers including Bruno Barbey and Harry Gruyaert: LINK.

Please visit the page of the previous similar street photography workshop in Istanbul: Istanbul in June 2012 to see what to expect from the workshop. It was a very memorable adventure and a lot of great pictures was taken.

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ABOUT Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej is an experienced Polish photographer, traveller, organiser of photo trips and gallerist living in London, UK. He holds a PhD in computer science, but abandoned science to focus on photography. He is one of the founders of Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff, a member of the Wideangle photo agency and the un-posed Polish street photography collective. He has worked on various photographic projects in the UK and abroad and his interests are in documentary, travel and street photography.
Maciej’s photos have been widely published and exhibited around the world, shown at photo festivals (including Visa Pour l’Image international festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, France) and he is a recipient of numerous awards. He was profiled among 46 leading street photographers in the “Street Photography Now” book published by the British publisher Thames & Hudson, who also published Maciej’s first monograph – Cardiff After Dark in October 2012.