The In-Public street photography exhibition in Stockholm

May 22, 2013 at 7:25 am

In-Public street photography exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden


Today, on the 22nd of May an exhibition of the In-Public street photography collective of which I am the newest member opens in in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition is organised by CUP Stockholm and is the first group exhibition I participating in. It includes a total of 68 photos from all 22 members of the In-Public collective.


Dates: 22 May – 26 June 2013.
Venue: Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm, Sweden.

More information on the website of CUP Stockholm.

Additionally, there will also be an “In-Public” street photography workshop with Nick Turpin, Blake Andrews and Matt Stuart on 31st May to 2nd June.


CUP (Contemporary Urban Photography) is a Stockholm based organization promoting street & urban photography both online and offline. CUP aims to introduce compelling work of high quality international street/urban photographers to the Scandinavian market.