The HOPE Foundation for NEED Magazine

The HOPE foundation for NEED Magazine shot in Kolkata, India between the 19th and 26th of March 2007. Published in the third issue of the magazine in Autumn 2007.
It is estimated that there are 200,000 street children living in Kolkata, India. In order to protect and encourage the development of Kolkata’s homeless children, three women from Cork, Ireland founded the HOPE Foundation (HOPE) in 1999. Partnering with other nonprofit organizations in Kolkata, HOPE runs night patrols, health clinics, schools and homes for street children. Maureen Forrest, the director of HOPE, states that the foundation aspires to give these children a “life of freedom” through various programs to help them break this cycle of poverty.
Here you can see the uncropped images used in the feature and some shot while working on the assignment, that did not make it into the magazine.

The website of HOPE Foundation: