The April 2015 Nepal Earthquake for Stern Magazine

On Saturday, the 25th of April I was in Kathmandu teaching a photography workshop when the earthquake hit the country. I was very lucky that the hotel I was in at the quake time did not collapse. I survived the disaster. Almost 9000 people died on that day and 23000 were injured. Thousands of houses were destroyed and entire villages flattened, especially in the mountains near the epicenter. The situation was very difficult. There were frequent aftershocks. People were afraid to return to their homes (if they still had ones) and camped overnight outside. There were food and water shortages. Many foreigners were rushing to leave the country, the airport looked like a refugee camp with thousands of people waiting to board any possible flight.
I stayed and photographed the situation. Two days later I was assigned by Stern Magazine from Germany to accompany their journalist and produce a feature on the situation in Nepal. On the next day Stern’s East Asia Correspondent Janis Vougioukas flew in. We worked together on the story for several days, venturing deep into the country to the badly hit epicentre area.

The resulting feature was published on 9 pages with 3 double-page spreads in the 20th issue of Stern Magazine on the 7th of May 2015.

You can see behind the scenes photos on the website of Stern:

I included here also a selection of outtakes – photos that were not used in the feature.