Drink stand at Sonepur Mela in India.
A night out in Cardiff, UK.
The nightlife in Cardiff, UK.
Superman in Cardiff, UK, Europe. Street photography.
Maciej Dakowicz: Cardiff After Dark book

My name is Maciej. It is pronounced “Maah-tzee-ey”. My nickname is Maciek, pronounced “Maah-tzyeck” and that’s how most people call me. If this is too difficult then just call me “Magic”. Maciej’s equivalent in English is Matthias.
Latest News:
• 7 October 2014 – back in India.
• 9 June 2014 – visiting Poland until October 2014.
• 7 March 2014 – back in Mumbai from South East Asia.
• 14 December 2013 – away in South East Asia visiting Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.
• 10 July 2013 – left London and moved to Mumbai, India.
• 10 March 2013 – joined the international street photography collective In-Public.

Upcoming Workshops:
• 14 – 20 February 2015 – a week-long travel and street photography workshop in Varanasi, India during Maha Shivaratri festival. FULLY BOOKED.
• 9 – 22 March 2015 – two weeks of travel and street photography in Myanmar. FULLY BOOKED.
• 23 – 29 March 2015 – a week of street photography in Yangon, Myanmar.
• 6 – 12 April 2015 – a week-long street photography workshop in Mumbai, India.
• 20 – 26 April 2015 – a week-long street photography workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.
• 20 July – 2 August 2015 – two weeks of travel and street photography in Kashmir and Ladakh, North India.


Maciej Dakowicz is a Polish travel, reportage and street photographer, traveller and gallerist currently based in Mumbai, India. He is one of the founders of Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff and a member of the the international street photography collective In-Public. Maciej’s photos have been widely published and exhibited around the world, shown at photo festivals and he is a recipient of numerous awards. He was profiled in two major street photography books published by Thames & Hudson – “Street Photography Now” in 2010 and “The World Atlas of Street Photography” in 2014. Maciej’s first monograph Cardiff After Dark was published in October 2012.